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Get quick answers to general inquiries

What kind of solutions do you provide?

AFAQY provides integrated IoT solutions that help businesses accelerate their operational workflows, increase efficiency and take full control of their assets. Our portfolio includes solutions for vehicle tracking, fleet management, CCTV, route optimization, asset monitoring, and more.

Does AFAQY develop software?

As an integrated solution provider, we have our own in-house software development team that works to develop customized software solutions according to different business needs.

Do you sell hardware devices?

Devices and sensors are at the core of the majority of our solutions. We partner with top hardware manufacturers to research and develop better devices and installation experiences for our customers.

How can I reach your support?

You can call our support representatives at +96653000111 or text us through WhatsApp.

How can I get in touch with you?

For any questions or suggestions, please visit our contact page.


Advanced AVL solution

What is Buraq?

Buraq is an automatic vehicle location system compatible with 250 tracking devices and a total of 85 types of different sensors/accessories used to collect data on heat, humidity, pressure, weight, human behavior, idle time, stops, trips, and much more.

Who is Buraq for?

Buraq can be integrated with any business that incorporates vehicles in its operations such as transportation, shipping, heavy equipment leasing, food & beverage, retail, and many more.

What value does Buraq bring to my business?

The benefits of using Buraq include real-time monitoring and tracking of vehicles, reporting and analytics, increased fleet efficiency, reduced running costs and more.


Smart vehicle management

What is FLEET?

Fleet is a cloud based platform that automates the process of fleet management and offers fleet owners and providers all the necessary tools to masterfully and proactively operate their vehicle fleets to cut costs and increase productivity.

Who is FLEET for?

Businesses of all sizes that own a vehicle fleet like car leasing agencies, logistics companies, HVAC maintenance and installation, delivery, shipping and many more can all benefit from using FLEET.

What value does FLEET bring to my business?

By using our FLEET platform, you will be able to digitize your fleet data, speed up your operational workflow, monitor the utilization of your assets and save on maintenance costs.


Failsafe vehicle inspection

What is VDX?

Vehicle Diagnostics (VDX) is an application developed by AFAQY to offer a paperless solution for scanning, detecting, and tracking vehicle issues before and after rentals. The application also is used to track your fleet’s state and contracts during rental periods.

Who is VDX for?

We have created VDX specifically to help car rental agencies of all sizes.

What value does VDX add to my business?

The digitization of pre and post rental vehicle diagnostics can help you provide a smooth, modern rental experience to your customers. You also benefit from the insights provided by the generated reports and analytics.

Smart Taxi

A unique cab experience

What is Smart Taxi?

Smart taxi is a solution by AFAQY that provides a uniquely-crafted cab experience for individuals & businesses with options to customize your Smart Taxi trip according to your budget, status, and preferences.

Who is Smart Taxi for?

Cab companies, airport taxis, and ridesharing businesses can all utilize Smart Taxi.

What value does Smart Taxi add to my business?

With Smart Taxi, you will be able to provide your customers with an all-digital experience for booking and billing. You will be able to monitor your drivers' behavior during trips and generate reports for accurate business analytics.

X Rent

Next generation car rentals

What is X Rent?

X Rent is an application developed by AFAQY to provide a smart system for car-sharing and renting for customers registered on the app. Grant your clients access to nearby cars directly from their phone. They can simply, book, unlock, and enjoy their drive and the many features of X Rent.

Who is X Rent for?

Car rental agencies, ridesharing businesses, travel agencies, smart cities, and tourists/travelers can all use X Rent for a better car rental experience.

What value does X Rent add to my business?

Implementing X Rent into your car rental or ridesharing business can positively impact your operations by providing you with the tools to track the location, speed, and fuel levels of your vehicles. You can also shut down engines remotely for added safety.


Order delivery management

What is ODM?

ODM is a B2B solution designed to manage and fulfill the cycle of orders and delivery between providers and merchants. ODM is available as a Web platform (Supplier Portal and Merchant Portal for providers) and a mobile platform (Driver App and Warehouse App)

Who is ODM for?

We created ODM to enhance the logistical workflow between providers and merchants in many industries such as retail, ecommerce, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, and much more.

What value does ODM add to my business?

Whether you are a provider or a merchant, ODM will help you enhance your overall performance, save time and money and take your business to the next level by providing you with tools and data to pre-plan your production / orders and optimize your deliveries.


Site monitoring and management

What is S-Guard?

S Guard is a complete IoT monitoring solution from AFAQY that facilitates monitoring the safety and conditions of assets, equipment, smart homes, business locations, and perishable goods.

Who is S-Guard for?

S-Guard is an ideal solution for any business looking to monitor the safety and environmental conditions of assets/goods such as food & beverage companies, pharmaceutical companies, hypermarkets, telecom companies, and logistics companies.

What value does S-Guard add to my business?

Live monitoring of environmental (temperature, humidity, carbon levels, etc.) and safety (door breach, fire alarm, etc.) conditions of your assets and warehouses is greatly simplified by S-Guard. In addition to the ease of installation and use, the system also generates custom reports that can help you operate more efficiently.


Surveillance for cash transfer

What is Moraqaba?

Moraqaba is designed to facilitate monitoring vehicles carrying valuables such as cash transport vans.

Who is Moraqaba for?

Businesses that routinely move high-value assets such as cash, jewelry, etc. can all benefit from Moraqaba.

What value does Moraqaba add to my business?

Moraqaba makes monitoring valuables on the move a seamless task by providing a system that is remotely accessible anywhere with instant HD quality video feeds and huge, expandable recording capacity.


Intuitive, fast team communication

What is Push To Talk

Push-to-Talk is an application that facilitates cost-effective voice connections between teams and coworkers in various industries where fast and efficient communication is crucial.

Who is Push To Talk for?

Construction companies, emergency services, manufacturing, transportation, and any business with on-the-ground teams where quick, clear communication is essential.

What benefits does Push To Talk bring to my business?

Unlike traditional communication tools, like emails, phone calls, and texting, Push to Talk offers a reliable, direct, and focused way of communication through a centralized web-based administration combined with OTA app management on mobile devices.

Clean Cities

Keeping cities of the future sparkly clean

What is Clean Cities?

Clean Cities is an all-inclusive project from AFAQY created to keep urban areas in a shiny, clean state. It is a prime example of using technology to preserve the environment by automating the process of waste management.

Who is Clean Cities for?

Governments & municipalities, waste management companies, smart cities, and recycling companies can all operate more efficiently by using Clean Cities.

What benefits does Clean Cities bring to my business?

Clean Cities provides three smart solutions that automate the workflow of waste management, increase its efficiency and reduce costs. The solution provides route optimization for waste collection vehicles, a management solution for landfills (Mardam) and a waste inspector mobile app for quality and violation monitoring.


All-digital car parking solution

What is Smart Parking?

Smart Parking is a solution that allows parking lots to have a digital interface (mobile app) for pre-booking and payment.

Who is Smart Parking for?

Cities & municipalities, smart cities, shopping malls, universities, business centers, and parking lot management companies.

What value does Smart Parking add to my business?

By providing drivers with a mobile app to check the availability and pre-book parking spaces, traffic around busy areas can be reduced. Smart Parking also allows for quick electronic payment and automatic reporting of overdue stays and parking violations.


Personal location and health tracker

What is Enforcer?

Enforcer is a 4G LTE tracking bracelet developed by AFAQY to be used for disease and infection control, law enforcement, people and pets tracking, and many other applications.

Who is Enforcer for?

We designed Enforcer for Healthcare providers to monitor vitals remotely and families to monitor the safety of their loved ones.

What value does Enforcer add to me or my business?

Enforcer logs and reports vital and location information so that you can monitor patients, seniors or small children remotely and setup geofences for those requiring medical quarentine.


Making school bus rides safer

What is Aman?

Aman is a solution that offers accurate school bus tracking with applications for school admins, parents, and students. The system integrates three different technologies; RFID to identify the students, GPS tracking to locate the buses and Mobile / Web applications to streamline the communication between the different parties.

Who is Aman for?

Aman is designed for schools, universities and nurseries that offer student transportation.

What value does Aman bring to my school/university?

You can automatically monitor student boarding and drop off using Aman. The system also provides automatic route optimization for your buses and automatically notifies parents about their children's commute.


Municipal water transport management

What is H2GO?

H2GO Water Management System was one of AFAQY’s earliest success stories. It earned great popularity among water companies for helping them overcome the challenges of safety and quality and enabled them to deliver high-quality water to customers .

Who is H2GO for?

We developed H2GO to serve the water transportation sector both for private companies or governments and municipalities.

What value does H2GO bring to my business?

The system provides valuable tracking data for water transportation vehicles and allows for geofencing and route optimization to reduce operation costs, monitor driver behavior and avoid water theft. Features also include instant chat with drivers and a billing system for your clients.


Concrete delivery management

What is Ready-Steady-Mix?

With Ready-Steady-Mix, AFAQY offers ready-mix concrete suppliers with an outstanding solution that ensures the consistent manufacturing and delivery of high quality concrete from plant to site.

Who is Ready-Steady-Mix for?

All industries that use ready-mix concrete such as construction companies, real-estate developers, and governments.

What value does Ready-Steady-Mix bring to my business?

To make and deliver highly-efficient concrete, Ready Steady Mix integrates many technologies to serve all the facets of the process: like using magnetic sensors to monitor the status of the transformed concrete, route optimization to minimize ready-mix concrete travel time, sending and receiving notifications about the concrete delivery time, live tracking and monitoring of the transporting vehicles, geo-fencing, and analytics to generate reports about vehicles, routes, costs, and more.